Sun Path

by EarthCry

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EarthCry’s second full-length release, Sun Path, emerges as an album meant for this moment. A soundtrack for the collective consciousness of today’s higher-level thinkers, intent on assimilating all of the old to push forth the new. Twelve tracks that act a case study on the union between digital and organic, delicate and fierce, erudite and natural. Premier compositions which span the human experience of one mind over a four year period. EarthCry’s Sun Path secures the artist a council seat alongside such singular luminaries as Bluetech, Four Tet and Brian Eno.

Four years ago, Thogmartin truly began this journey, making his ideas into compositions via the power of modern laptop production. As he progressed, he was able to add sampling, field recording and live instrumentation to his repertoire and production pallet. It wasn’t until last year, when he finally dove into vastness of the modular synthesizer that he was inspired to finally complete this collection of music now known as Sun Path.

“I was completely taken by the uncanny propensity of the modular synthesizer to generate constant nuance and sonic novelty to my music,” said Thogmartin, “I quickly went back to unreleased material I had written years ago and re-composed/re-recorded parts using this fantastic device I was building. I began to gain the confidence that I truly did have something valuable to offer with EarthCry. Previously almost 100% of my composing was done using a laptop, staring at a dead lifeless backlit screen, using the same tools that I had been using for years. In the modular realm however, the musician is manipulating the path of analog electric signal, essentially interacting with nature using a hands on living and breathing instrument. The boost in creativity that using the modular provided cleared a path for these songs to finally shine out.” Most of the tracks on Sun Path feature modular sound and sections, with half being purely modular.

The literal meaning of a “sun path” is the mapped positional changes of the sun, due to the season and hours, which is used to calculate green building practices and the positioning of solar power systems. It can be understood as the energy course which allows for the most progression and growth. Conceptually, the album is a tribute to the awesome nature of what it means to be inspired and represents Thogmartin’s own personal sun path.

After years of developing progressive means of performing and composing, Sun Path is EarthCry’s heartfelt and soul-filled contribution to the expanding anthology of electronic music and production culture.



released July 29, 2016

Big thanks to everyone who encouraged and supported me and told me time and again that these songs were worth releasing. Love to family and friends, as well as the other musicians who contributed their sounds. Most of all I am in constant gratitude to the great outdoors and the endless inspiration that original design provides. Thanks to numerous hikes and explorations of this beautiful planet, my cup is overflowing with musical ideas.

Contributing musicians:

Lindy Kehoe - Flute on The Travel Itch
Will Dowling - Tabla on Transdimensional Camel Ride
Collin Martin - Flute on Peak Parade
Michael Oliver - Djembe on Kalimbic
Kimberly Treadaway - Voiceover Samples



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EarthCry Asheville, North Carolina

EarthCry is how Asheville based producer Anthony Thogmartin is choosing to respond to a calling to create music that heals the planet its people. His first project, "Hear the Earth, Heal Yourself ∞ Heal the Earth, Hear Yourself" is an electronic journey that focuses on ancient solfeggio frequencies known to aid the human condition. ... more


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